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Hebrews Cafe .Canada


" A.S.K.? " "A.S.K.?" Ministries

A.lpha S.ynergy K.ingdom Ministries

The " A.S.K.? " team is the

Equipping & Exploration Team assigned to

Assist the Holy Spirit.

They are honoured to encourage, edify and support the Holy Spirit. They are given insight into the Heart of the Father and His desire for His children so they can work hand in hand with the Lord Jesus' vision for His CAFE and the S.H.I.T School Academy,

"Son Heirs In Training : S.H.I.T"


Inaugural address " Insight "

Together, The Lord Jesus by His Spirit and this A.S.K? Team, they are responsible for discovering the community and what plans and shape The Lord Jesus has for His Hebrews Cafe .Canada!

They Meet together daily to discuss how God has revealed Himself independently and extensionally so they can keep up to date with how the Holy Spirit is Teaching and Learning in the " CAFE". This team is the Heart of the Family. The A.S.K? Team takes what God is teaching and speaking in the " CAFE" and helps format it into a Learning Tool.

-- My Rock-Art Studio : The Art Meets the Artist"

They work with the Holy Spirit to get an appropriate approach that the Son Heirs In Training School Academy Students can reflect on. There have been many different forums and formats depending on the different classes and students! This team enjoys learning through having to " Package " the meat and Potatoes of the " Class" into a Living Reference. 

Some examples have come in a WorkBook or a Coles Notes or a " Comic Book " or a " Snap Shot " or a Series of Vignettes and/or documentaries.

They also are responsible for Keeping the Hebrews Cafe .Canada Team members up to date on the Lord Jesus' Missions.

The Lord Jesus takes them to Explore and Venture so they can understand and be equipped in a personal way on the specifics of the " material " they are putting together for the S.H.I.T School Academy.

They get to have personal insight to the culture, habitat and vision of those the Lord has called to His CAFE S.H.I.T School Academy classes. This enables them more freedom to be involved in an organic way to the material.

They are blessed as they Explore and Understand where the Holy Spirit is taking the CAFE and give Feedback and Encourage the Holy Spirit along the way.

--" My Rock-Art Studio ; The Art Meets the Artist"

Hebrews Cafe .Canada


The Training Center of the Holy Spirit,

" Cafe ".

Come join us where God Brings us into His Chambers and Courts for Kingdom Training with the Holy Spirit.

For the "Wisdom" of this Cafe
see Scripture:  Hebrews Chapter 12 .

He, The Holy Spirit will introduce you to His Place and Classes.  In the Training Center, CAFE!

When we are there, we are encouraged to check out the S.H.I.T. School Academy.

A.lpha S.ynergy K.ingdom Ministries helps support the S.H.I.T. school with the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom Messages.

The Son's Hat Intimacy  Telegram Team encourages the Intimacy with the Holy Spirit and the Child independently for nurture and growth in their relationship.

The Bare Necessities Broadcasting Team

helps set up the Platform and Helps Bring the Great NEWS!

My Rock-Art Studio 

Bringing it All Together-

Where the Meat and Potatoes get served

The Ball Game Replays are "unmatched" 

and The Heart of the Father is revealed! 

      Home Run --

    Grand Slam!  

  It All Starts in 

The Batter's Box!

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