Do You Want to Know More?  

  If you want more tools

  to communicate with God    through the Lord Jesus      with the Holy Spirit's help,


Ask Him directly what He wants to share with you. 



Hebrews Cafe .Canada presents :

Training with The Holy Spirit at the " Cafe ".

Come join us where the Risen Lord Jesus Christ

  Brings us into His Chambers and Courts

for Kingdom Training 

with the Holy Spirit.

Here He will introduce you to His Place

His Classes --

   Including  visiting HIS  S.H.I.T. School Academy. 

 The A.S.K?

A.lpha S.ynergy K.ingdom Ministries 

 is His team that supports His S.H.I.T. School-Academy with the Risen Lord Jesus and His Kingdom Messages.

  The S.on's

I.ntimate T.elegram T.eam

encourages Intimacy 

with The Holy Spirit

and His Son 

for maturity, nurture and growth.

  The Bare Necessities       Broadcasting Team

Red Carpet Roll Out!

Take a Tour at :

"My Rock-Art Studio: Art Meets the Artist" 

All here at the Hebrews Cafe .Canada

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"Who Are We" 

for more details.

" We are blessed by God,

in Jesus Christ, with Him,

The fullness of God dwells.

This Hebrews Cafe Canada is

Gods' Gift to us and His Desire is

to help us express and deliver His:

Love, Life & Laughter.

He has given us His

Divine Comedy and Promises of His

Great Healing. As Heirs, and Friends and

Children, God  has adopted us Through

Faith in Christ and He Has Born us Again.

He has given us His Seal, and Gift of the

Holy Spirit living in Us so we Have an 

active Relationship with the Holy Spirit.

He, The Risen Lord Jesus is

Who Encourages Us and

Walks with Us to do all that God Promises.

For a Biblical reference see

Romans 8. We wouldn't

be able to do this without Him,

who is the author and finisher of

our Faith,

The Creator, The Lord Jesus and

His Presence, The Holy Spirit.

And His gift to Us,

"Born Again" as His,  God's Children,

through Faith in Christ Jesus.

D.J and A.J & C.J & M.J & M.J 


the brochure, the son heir in training school-academy, the S.H.I.T. School-Academy, the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit

    Psalm 84 New Life Version (NLV)

    A Desire for God’s House

How beautiful are the places where You live,  O Lord of all! 

    My soul wants and even becomes weak from  wanting to be 

    in the house of the Lord.  

    My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God. 

   Even the bird has found a home. The swallow has found a     

   nest for herself where she may lay her  young at Your altars, 

  O Lord of all, my King  and my God. 

  How happy are those who live in Your house!

   They are always giving thanks to You.

   How happy is the man whose strength is in You 

   and in whose heart are the roads to Zion! 

   As they pass through the dry valley of Baca, 

   They make it a place of good water.  

   The early rain fills the pools with good also. 

   They go from strength to strength. 

   Every one of them stands before God in Zion. 

   O Lord God of all, hear my prayer.

   Listen,  O God of Jacob. Look upon our safe-covering,
   O God. 
 And look upon the  face of Your chosen one.


   For a day in Your house is better than a thousand outside. 

   I would rather be the one who opens the door of the house 

   of my God, than to live in the tents of the sinful. 

   For the Lord God is a sun and a safe-covering. 

   The Lord  gives favor and honor. 

   He holds back nothing good from those who walk in the way that is     right. O Lord of all,  how happy is the man Who trusts in You!

brochure, the son heir in training school academy, the S.H.I.T. School-Academy