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      Home Run --

    Grand Slam!  

  It All Starts in 

The Batter's Box!

    The S. on's   H. at   I. ntimate   T. elegram

                          T eam ©

           Messenger Service

               www.thesonshat.ca | www.thesonshat.com

         Currently we offer:

                  A New Kind of Messaging Service

                  Scroll the Word©  : "A Kingdom Telegram" ©

          "The S.on's H.at I.ntimate  T.elegram T.eam"

           "The S.H.I.T. Team or "The Son's Hat" if you prefer,

           is Our Messaging Team.

          There are Two Steps:  

                      Step 1:  "Start the Conversation".

                                           A)  Exhortation Forum .Pdf 


                      Step 2:  "Scroll The Word"

                                            B) The Kingdom Telegram

         If you are experienced or just beginning to learn how to be

         Intimate with the Holy Spirit, we want to encourage you to

         ASK the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name for His Counsel on what 

         He would like to share with you through His Team here at 

         "The Son's Hat, aka: The S.H.I.T. TEAM" 

                      Step 1:"Start the Conversation"


 Together, if you would like,  you can check out our 

                      A)Exhortation Forum .Pdf  

                      B) DEEPER  

          This material is from our S.on H.eir I.n T.raining School-Academy 

         Mentor to Marriage Program:

 Course 2 The S.on's Hat Intimate Truth Team

         Step 2: "Scroll the Word"© - Kingdom Telegram©

         If you are ready to start a Kingdom Telegram,

         You can check out the Kingdom Forum.PDF. 

         If you would like to explore more about God's heart

         With us for His Kingdom.

         Visit the "Kingdom" page for more information.

         B) The STUDENT's    PDF    Our Example: KINGS

       If you want more tools to communicate with God

       through the Lord Jesus with the Holy Spirit's help,


       Ask Him directly what He wants to share with you. 


         INSIDER SCOOP:  

      Hebrews Café .Canada presents the Training Center

      of the Holy Spirit, " Cafe ". Come join us where God

      Brings us into His Chambers and Courts for Kingdom

      Training with the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 12.  He will

      introduce you to His Place and His Classes --

      In the Training Center!   Cafe

     We are encouraged to check out His:  


                          S.H.I.T. School Academy. 

      The A.S.K? A.lpha S.ynergy K.ingdom Ministries team

      helps support the S.H.I.T. School  Academy with the

      Lord Jesus and His Kingdom Messages.

     The S.on's H.at I.ntimate T.elegram T.eam encourages       the Intimacy with The Holy Spirit and the Son

or Daughter of God for maturity, nurture and  growth.

The Bare Necessities Broadcasting Team 

Red Carpet Roll Out!

     All here at the Hebrews   Cafe  . Canada  !!! 

      Visit our "Who Are We"  for more details.