"Our Father in Heaven,

Hallowe'd, Be Thy Name,

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be Done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Welcome, and Hello to


I, The Risen Lord Jesus, 

 Have a team of Specialist who are part of

My Salvation Army

To help deliver the goods! And the News!

We specialize in TRUTH! And

Wonder-ful Truth

That ​not only makes me smile,

But makes those Who want to send a message

-- SMILE! 

So, What's our Game Plan?

We need a:


1)  A Safe Place to Train


2) We need to Explore

3)Have the Equipment for the Exploration


4) We need a Kingdom Mindset

5) Kingdom Movement 

6) The King's Seal of Approval and Purpose.

The Bare Necessities Broadcasting Team

My Rock-Art Studio

  7)  A Platform to share the Great News!

8)  A Reason and a Season to Speak Up!

J.C. -Jesus Christ, On the Mic!  

Hebrews Cafe .Canada Team shares: 

We hear you Lord Jesus sharing,

" I got Vision, I got Home Runs, I got Your Love!

 Who Could ask for Anything More? " ......

Let's Talk about it! And See what's Up! ...... 7Up! " 

Am I hearing you right, Lord Jesus ? ....

Is that right Lord Jesus? ...

Is that right Lord Jesus..? ....

We hear you singing in response, Lord Jesus....

"You Got to give a little, laugh a little,

and Let your Heart pour out a Little! ...

That's the story and we can write a story, and well,

Let's see what the story of Love will be....... 

& Let's see the Glory of MY Love!!! "

What is the VISION:

                A King and His Kingdom

           Voice  |  Choice   |  Forgive

          Freedom | Dreams | Promise ​

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God in the Face of Our Lord Jesus

Christ - Trinity -

in Jesus Name being Honoured

and His Work in Us-

To accomplish the things

He has called us to do-

In Love and Friendship.

For He has Work to do- 

And He Wants to Help us, 

Soar like Wings on Eagles! 

Together We will succeed! 

​In Synergy!

Matthew 28:18 - Honoured 

He promises to: 

a) Deliver His Work in Us. 

               b) His Personal Coaching.                               c) His Personal Encouragement.

" We are blessed by God,

in Jesus Christ, with Him,

The fullness of God dwells.

This Hebrews Cafe Canada is

Gods' Gift to us and His Desire is

to help us express and deliver His:

Love, Life & Laughter.

He has given us His

Divine Comedy and Promises of His

Great Healing. As Heirs, and Friends and

Children, God  has adopted us Through

Faith in Christ and He Has Born us Again.

He has given us His Seal, and Gift of the

Holy Spirit living in Us so we Have an 

active Relationship with the Holy Spirit.

He, Who Encourages Us and Walks with

Us to do all that God Promises.

For a Biblical reference see

Romans 8. We wouldn't

be able to do this without Him,

who is the author and finisher of

our Faith,

The Master, The Lord Jesus and

His Presence, The Holy Spirit.

And His gift to Us,

"Born Again" as His God's Children,

through Christ Jesus.

D.J and A.J & M.J and C.J


©2018 All rights reserved

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      Home Run --

    Grand Slam!  

  It All Starts in 

The Batter's Box!